= 2021 GMC Yukon Denali Fuel Capacity =

Even at 50 miles, Ifor thirty after the light came on. The max I could get in was almost 21 gallons. Has anyone else been able to get more than 21 into their tank? Plus 50 miles is not an empty tank. My fuel gauge shows zero fuel in the vehicle at that point. Look at the photo above. If I have three gallons left their should be fuel showing in the tank still

I really wish we could comment more when we post pictures

So in all my vehicles I’ve owned, and that’s been a lot, I’ve always had at most 1 gallon of unusable fuel when you truly run the tank down. I’ve tried driving the vehicle well past the low fuel light, but I can not get more fuel into the vehicle than what is shown in the picture above. I have tried topping it off, waiting for a minute then re-topping it off. I’m wondering if we truly have 24 gallon tanks or if there is a problem with my fuel sensors/software or something in my tank taking up space?
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