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ahh, the peugeot 208, i liked the last one but this.. is something weird but at the travel of building this car in automation i started to know why is there people that like it, first of all thanks to MagnoDS for letting me get his peugeot 208 , i took a look at it and i see that he needed a little bit of love so, why not? i asked him for it and i started to work on it and this is the end. Personally i like the base ver, no frontal leds, nothing sporty and a 1.2 liter engine with sorrounding 82hp, next we have the feline 1.6 tiptronic with over 115hp ahthat this one is automatic and over all those cats we have the GT, nothing to see about the last 208 with a THP 1.6L engine with 160hp or more, this GT has 130hp and a nice work in the chassis to make it the best at the race track
please do not reupload this or any of my other vehicles
"GT 1.2T" french bread with wheels trying to be sporty
variant "feline 1.6 16v tiptronic"
full full, high end luxury model without going up to a "GT"
variant low end base model "like 1.2 16v"
from argentina for argentina's market, cheapest in the trim
base model variant headlight

= Peugeot 208 (2021) 5.0 =
the actual 208 wannabe
 Recent Updates 
- head/tail lights update (more configs) Jul 25, 2022
- now it can be called pack Jul 11, 2022