March 13, 2017 You hear Nicki Minaj on the radio and you try mouthing along until she gets way to fast for you to comprehend the words. But you nod along to the music anyways. You hear about the drama between different female rappers and you are amused. You take a look at the misogynistic lyrics for these rap songs, however, and you’re not so amused Rap and hip-hop have always gotten a bad reputation in mainstream media for lyrics that often paint women in a negative light. Rappers and hip-hop stars like Dr. Dre and Ice Cube have received criticism, especially after releasing their biopic *Straight Outta Compton* because they heavily used the wordsandto describe women In defense of his lyrics and past comments, Ice Cube said that he would never use those words to describe “upstanding ladies” and that respectable women should not be insulted at what he says to women who are not respectable Ice Cube’s defense, however, just sounds like the condoned use of these words are subject to men’s wills. What if there are women who know what they want and aren’t afraid of shattering the demure expectations of their male counterparts to express those wishes? Where is the line betweenand strong independent woman? Speaking of which, women who sexualize and objectify themselves are also criticized for falling into the marketed ploy of hip-hop and rap. Rappers like Nicki Minaj are torn down because they sexualize themselves, but what we don’t realize is that the rap industry is one dominated by men and primarily dictated by men’s tastes. And for the moment at least,sells What we also fail to remember is that other genres of music also objectify women and sometimes go so far as to legitimize domestic violence or disrespect. But for some reason, these other genres don’t get the same negative attention as rap and hip-hop But going back to Nicki Minaj and other female rappers, it’s not like she is an unwilling participant in the vicious cycle of misogyny.sells, but these performers are still doing things on their own terms. Minaj is a famous example of someone who creates her own style and stays true to her own personality on and offstage. Her lyrics are oftenand directed towards herself, but these are an illustration of what it means to be sexually liberated. To be able to talk about herlife openly and without Even before Nicki Minaj, there have been other talented women rappers. Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Salt-n-Peppa and Lil’ Kim are just a few. Unfortunately, female rappers and hip-hop stars are still extremely underrepresented in mainstream music; many famous female performers go the R &B 和流行路线 由于缺乏代表性,少数可见的女性说唱歌手被要求比男性同行更高的标准来代表这种根本不再存在的女权主义版本 但有些人认为随意而自豪的关系是一种解放。因此,期望所有女性说唱歌手都谈论同样的事情并以同样的方式赢得女性冠军就像是在整个运动上盖了一条毯子。这涵盖了以身为女性为荣的所有不同分支和不同哲学。