= Electric GTVmaybe. How many false starts for Alfa Romeo have there been? =

" There’s no announcement at this stage, but [in] the GTV I’m very interested,” said Imparato, the former Peugeot boss who took control of Alfa Romeo in January

Autocar has been told that proposals for the revival of the GTV extend from a retro-inspired two-door coupé to a contemporary four-door coupé in the mould of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé, with both electrified combustion engine and pure-electric drivetrains possible


There’s no clear indication yet as to the direction it will take, but planning documents referenced by Alfa Romeo insiders suggest that it could be targeted at the Tesla Model 3 and newly unveiled BMW i4 electric saloons. The GTV isn’t the only classic Alfa Romeo model being considered for a revival. Imparato has also revealed that he has a personal liking for the Spider, suggesting that it could be brought back to the company’s line-up. The last Spider model was produced between 2006 and 2010

“I love the Spider. But allow me to bring Alfa Romeo to a certain level of economic performance, and then we speak,” he said of recent reports about reviving the two-seat convertible."
“There’s no announcement at this stage, but [in] the GTV I’m very interested,” /article
By the way Alfa did kind of have a EV before, they tested hybrid with the 33 before only 5km range and 60kph, 3 built/converted but it was the late 1980s

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