The Translation of the above simply states that, the students from Andhra Pradesh who got good ranks in IIT are just doing average in studies after joining the IIT colleges Now here is my deep in-sight on how this can happen? Who is responsible for that? And how can we avoid this? = Where these students belong to? = In AP state, Education is a successful business, many people understood that, and started their own institutes; those are the so called “Corporate Colleges”. Almost all big cities like Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Vijayawada etc. in AP having countless branches In other words these are the factories in which they manufacture NO.1 GRADE donkeys every year. A typical college looks like a multi storied apartment where they will treat students according to their talent They implement the Grade system very fast in the first couple of months and came to know who their rankers are. These short listed students are their investment for next year. This separateof students will get the BEST faculty and REST will get the ordinary stuff as they really don’t bother about the rest = How they landed in these colleges? = Every Corporate College now has a separate wing, which deals with this talent hunt program. They visit almost every possible school in the town and make a list of the toppers in the school. Once these students complete their 10 th Class / SSC, they follow-up them and convince even their parents to join them. They offer free or discounted packages in education as these are the students which can make the college name and fame in future. More than 95% people falls in to the trap and the cycle continues like this, every year = Parents Psychology towards these students = Now lets see how the other students are joining, who are not rankers in their Schools. Parents play a vital role here in this stuff; they see the ADS and Rank Boards and will start dreaming that their kids are the future rankers. Now they start blaming the school from where his kid completed his SSC and feels like because of the school only, his kid got low marks and nothing wrong with his talent Here comes the punch dialog from the parents, “now I am giving you one more opportunity to prove your talent and I am paying you the complete package fee (minimum Rs.30,000 to maximum Rs.1,00,000 per year) for IIT and giving you the Best college. So I think this time you surely make use of all these facilities and make us proud in front of all” = Students Psychology towards education = After Joining these colleges now the students will come to know they are joined a Factory. There will be nothing left with them in their life apart from education…sorry sorry Training. As the famous dialog from 3 say, “ these students are well trained…not well educated”. In other words they are developing more “Chatur Ramalingams” than “Ranchos” There will be no sports, no movies, no masti, no xyz and etc..Thepart of all is even, when their parents come to see these students, they also talk about their education only In many cases we find that the studentssuicide because of the constant pressure that they receive from all I really don’t know what they gain in these 2 years, but I can surely say what have lost will be the most beautiful and valuable time of their lives. I pity them = What Happens after Results? = For all those students who got ranks, the below people will be happy: Student – [Thank God!! I got a good rank else I might be a patient] College Staff – [I know this person is sure shot ranker] Parents – [So Happy…We can make all our relatives jealous with his rank] On the other side of the coin, let’s see the reactions of non-rankers group: Student – [I given my best, no one can do better than this] College Staff – [I know this person is not capable] Parents – [So Sad…All the money got wasted, how to face relatives now?] = What happens after these Rankers join IIT? = The first couple of days they feel that their hard work is paid-off and feel like they are going to top the IIT engineering as well. Slowly the reality takes over their over-confidence and they come to know, what education is all about Now thisof students gets suffocated with the new teaching style which they never came across before. No idea on how to deal with reality makes them fail in the first semester itself. Some students take a step forward and reach professors asking them for notes, which made them surprised == Time for a change == Things that Parents need to remember before they opt for a Corporate College are: Parents shouldn’t fall into the cheap tricks that these colleges play. Whenever an AD comes every college will talk and show about their first 100 ranks only. Think about the rest of the ranks too, as your kid may end up getting a rank which is more than 100 Don’t blame your kids when they don’t get good ranks. Try to ask any College Management to give a list of ranks of all students in that collage and see; no one will give, as the strength of each college will be more than 10,000 – 20,000. Then this common sense question will come into picture, why theall the colleges talk about 1 st 100 ranks as the students are in lakhs when we join all the college students’ strength No body can be a better judge than parents when it comes to their children’s future but they should know what his kid is really passionate about? Well that can be anything like music, sports, arts, etc Parents should understand and accept the limitations of their kids and think whether they can make it or not, before theyto something which deals with their capabilities Just because Parents paid a huge fees, the kid’s talent will not raise in an over night and become super heroes. They should understand the difference between quality education and the non-sense training I will wait for that day where the education standerds raise in India.