Just two words out of a million. Nothing special about them, really. But -- put them together and suddenly they have the power to devastate. Words have a habit of doing things like that, which is why they're so important. With the right words you can wage wars, get someone to understand a complicated subject, and/or sell a product or service. Words can even change destiny -- just ask anyone who has ever uttered 'I do.'
I use words to create user, API, administrator, installation, and developer guides. I use words to develop content for training materials, educational courses, webinars, and instructional videos. I use words to create case studies, desk level procedures, process and procedure documents, andpapers. And, I use words to create web site content, marketing materials, presentations, newspaper and magazine articles, as well as sales collateral

My byline has appeared on hundreds of magazine, newspaper, and journal articles. I've written lists and checked them twice. I've even written my name incement

I strive for excellence in every word I write. Just ask any of my clients

Leslie C. Wood, Writer
"Never use a five dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do." --Mark Twain