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WordsRU provides editing and proofreading services for all writers. Our one-stop online service frees you from the uncertainty and frustration of trying to find the right collaborator for your project

Whether you require a light proofread, a major overhaul or even someone to write your new screenplay, novel, short story, a poetry collection, or self-help book, our committed team of professional editors and proofreaders are here to help you take it to the next crucial stage

Our author clients range from newbies to novelists who are top-ranked on Amazon. We can help you polish your text so that it is accurate and poignant to give you a better shot at impressing publishers—the first time

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Writing is intense and time consuming, and experienced writers know that completing the rough draft is only just the beginning! That’s why WordsRU offers services to assist writers at every stage of the writing process—from your first draft to your final proof

What stage of the writing process is your project currently in?
A first draft is never perfect the first time around, and a professional editor will be able to give you feedback of a calibre that you would never receive from your friends, family, or writing circle. We provide this, as well as intense substantive editing and formatting, in our Plus Service. From our Plus Service, you can expect to receive the following:
With our Plus Service, the editor assesses every line of your manuscript with an eye for improvement

If you think your manuscript might need some dramatic changes, there is no reason for you to invest in a line-by-line edit of text that you might end up changing entirely. In this case, we recommend that customers select Other Writer Services and request a Developmental Letter. WordsRU's developmental letter service provides you with the objective feedback and tools you need to hone your story and improve your story-telling ability. This is an excellent option for anyone who has completed a first draft and just wants advice on how to improve the work as a whole

Once you feel confident in the overall organization, pacing, content, and consistency of your manuscript as a whole (ideally, you’ve consulted with and integrated feedback from a professional you’ll want a final proof to get rid of any pesky typos or lingering errors. Even if you’ve already had your manuscript edited and formatted, the rearranging and transformations that are integral to these processes sometimes result in typos, odd sentences, and missing text

Our Basic Proofreading service is just what you need. Under it, your editor will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style in order to make sure that your work is truly ready for the public eye. WordsRU will assign an objective, fastidious editor to make a final pass over the text to bring your manuscript to its perfect shine!
If your manuscript isn’t completely finished, that is not a problem! Whether you are just looking for some feedback or advice, need someone to finish a project you’ve started, or want one of our talented writers to create a work of writing from scratch, WordsRU is here for you!
We can provide the following:
A critical review that gives you the tools to strengthen your manuscript. One of our professional editors performs a close reading of your manuscript, making short comments on the document to mark examples of issues. After completing the reading, the editor will write a 5 to 10-page letter identifying issues, providing suggestions and guidance, and assessing the manuscript on a number of levels, including:
You’ve written a great story—one that needs to be told! But maybe some parts—or all of it—isn’t written as well as you wanted. If you feel frustrated about trying to tackle this problem yourself, one of our professional writers can take the work right out of your hands. The writer will rewrite whatever you wish with an eye to your unique voice and what’s working for you in order to create more impactful language that will awe and inspire your readers

Need someone to finish your partial manuscript or even write the whole thing from scratch? Look no further! One of our amazing writers will work with you to create the project you’ve been dreaming about. Under our contract, you will own the copyright to the final written project!

Done with editing, but need to format or reformat your manuscript? No problem! Rather than dealing with the tedious work of ensuring the appropriate spacing, headers and footers, pagination, indentation, and margining is followed on every single page, let WordsRU's detail-oriented formatters do the work for you. Formatting service also includes the preparation and packaging of tables, figures, and images, where applicable

Just let us know what you’re looking for—we can create a custom quote to fit your needs!