Whatever your major, the English Minor in Writing, Editing, and Publishing can add significantly to your career preparation. This highly flexible option lets you choose from among a broad array of classes ranging from professional and technical writing to creative writing, writing about literature and culture, magazine editing, document design, and writing about film and media. You will learn about and practice diverse genres, gaining skill in composing and revising your work in professional formats, including multimedia and web platforms as well as in traditional print publications. Students can mix professional courses with creative writing classes as they pursue development of their own interests and expressive potential

## Requirements
The College of Letters and Science requires that students attain at least a 2.0 GPA on all credits in the minor attempted at UWM. In addition, students must attain a 2.0 GPA on all minor credits attempted, including any transfer work. The College requires that students complete at least 9 credits of the minor in upper-division (numbered 300 or above) courses at UWM

Students already majoring in English may not be awarded this minor in addition to their major; a student may select this minor or a major in English, but not both

|Required Course|
|ENGLISH 430||Advanced Writing Workshop||3|
|Select 2 lower division courses for a total 6 credits from the list below6|
|Strategies for Academic Writing|
|Business Writing|
|Health Science Writing|
|Writing in the Professions:|
|Technical Writing|
|Introduction to Creative Writing|
|Writing Fiction: Structure and Technique|
|Writing Poetry: Forms, Styles, Voices|
|Introductory Topics in Creative Writing:|
|Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture:|
|Writing about Film and Television|
|Select 3 upper division courses for a total of 9 credts9|
|Writing, Speaking, and Technoscience in the 21st Century|
|Special Topics in Creative Writing:|
|Fiction Workshop|
|Poetry Workshop|
|Literary Journal Production|
|Professional and Technical Communications Research|
|Strategic Writing for Organizations|
|Topics in Advanced Communications:|
|The Rhetoric of Argument|
|Creative Nonfiction for Publication|
|Editing and Publishing|
|Rhetoric and Professional Writing|
|Technical Documentation|
|Advanced Research Writing|
|Information Design|
|Grant Writing|
|Technical Editing|
|The Composing Process:|
|Technical Communications Theory and Practice|
|Internship in the Humanities|
|Poetry and the Creative Process|

|Advanced Workshop in Fiction|
|Advanced Workshop in Poetry:|
|Seminar in Rhetoric and Professional Writing:|
|Total Credits||18|