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Hello all,
I am a freelance editor, writer, and copywriter for hire seeking work that can be conducted online. I have 7+ years experience, working with journalistic articles, business copy, and many other forms of writing, editing, and translation. I pride myself on reliability, and guarantee that while I have work assigned, I am available by phone and email virtually 24/7. Follow-through and quality product is something you do not have to worry about when it is in my hands

Services Offered:
*Web copy *Blog Posts *Non-native rewrites *Essays and personal letters *Product Descriptions *Editing *Transcription *Ghostwritingpages
If it is related to writing and editing, all serious offers will be considered. Please email me with the specifics of your projects. I do take on single projects, however I am also available for ongoing work. Some of my clients I have been working with for many years

I will provide links to some of my published material as well my email and resume

Best of luck with your work and business! Let's get things done!
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