Stand out from your peers with an error-free thesis that flows well from beginning to end

Scribbr’s highly rated editing and proofreading services help you submit your work with confidence knowing it’s free of language errors and flows well from beginning to end

Stand out from your peers with an error-free thesis that flows well from beginning to end

Impress your supervisor and graduate with a flawless dissertation

Boost your grade with a well-structured, clear, and error-free paper

Improve your chances of publication with a polished manuscript

Demonstrate your expertise and obtain your degree with a perfect capstone project

Secure funding or approval from supervisors with a well-written proposal

Sound like a native English speaker and get their thoughts across clearly

Set the foundation for a great piece of academic writing with a well-written literature review

Scribbr’s professional editors go through a rigorous selection and training process called the Scribbr Academy. Only 5% of applicants are good enough to become qualified editors

You can rest assured that only the best editors will edit your paper

Every Scribbr order includes both proofreading and editing. Your editor will make direct changes using Word’s Track Changes feature and provide feedback in comments to help you become a better academic writer. See an editing example

Your editor will directly correct errors related to:
They’ll make sure your work meets academic writing standards:
They’ll leave thoughtful comments and queries to:
Your editor will make sure that your document is well organized and contains all the essential elements

You’ll receive in-text feedback about:
You’ll also receive a personalized Structure Check Report meant to help you identify missing elements in each chapter or section and prioritize improvements

The Structure Check starts at $0.0075 per word and can only be purchased in combination with Proofreading & EEditing

Your editor will help you tell a clear and logical story with feedback on your presentation of concepts and the logic behind your argumentation

Through in-text comments and the Clarity Check checklists, your editor will:
The Clarity Check starts at $0.0075 per word and can only be purchased in combination with Proofreading & EEditing

Our formatting experts can customize the format of your document or format your document according to APA guidelines

Your formatting expert can:
Customized formatting starts at $0.30 per page per item and can be purchased separately or in combination with Proofreading & EEditing

Your APA formatting expert will make sure all elements in your paper are formatted according to the 7th edition APA Style guidelines

APA formatting costs $1.20 per page and can be purchased separately or in combination with Proofreading & EEditing

A dedicated citation expert will ensure your in-text citations and reference list meet your style guide’s requirements. This service includes:
Our experts are familiar with all common citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago

Citation editing costs $2.75 per source and can be purchased separately or in combination with Proofreading &Editing

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Fast, always friendly, good price, good quality. Nothing more to sayRead review on Trustpilot
It was quick.Read review on Trustpilot
A very thorough proof-reading and formatting job!Read review on Trustpilot
I am very happy with the corrections. Veronica gave very helpful tips and ideas on how to reword the sentences and she picked on mistakes that I had missed. The inputs were all in line with the rules for writing academic texts. As I haven't written an academic piece for a while, this was extremely helpful.Read review on Trustpilot
Glad that such a tool exists. Tracking references and mentioning them correctly in the required format is very challenging for someone new. Scribber made it extremely easy and there are no more hassles. I can now concentrate on my research. Thank you so much.Read review on Trustpilot
actually, got the feedback back 2 days earlier than expected. the service was citation editing and it was great.Read review on Trustpilot
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Correction de textes d'une excellente qualité.Read review on Trustpilot
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Thanks. Scribbr is great :)Read review on Trustpilot
Everything is done as it is explained on their website. They even finished before the deadline and the correction was absolutely satisfying! Saved me a lot of time and workload. They even called me to ask if I am satisfied with the result. Very good customer service.Read review on Trustpilot
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Choose a turnaround time of 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days and select the add-on services you need

We handpick the best editor (or team of editors) for the job, based on your field of study and other requirements

Use the feedback from your editor to guide your final revisions and submit your work with confidence

Our editors can edit and proofread your work within 24 hours so you can meet your deadline without unnecessary stress

We aim for 100% happiness. If you’re not satisfied with your edit, we will reedit your work or give you a refund—that’s a promise!
With over 250 free articles on academic writing and 5 million monthly visitors, the Scribbr Knowledge Base is the starting point for many students writing their papers

If your document is longer than 30,000 words, we’ll first provide you with a 2,000-word sample edit to ensure the service meets your expectations

|⏰ Turnaround time||Within 24 hours|
|💲 Rate per word||From $0.017 per word|
|📄 Document types||Theses, papers, manuscripts, and more|
|🪄 Feedback areas||Language, structure, clarity, formatting|
Want to contact us directly? No problem. We are always here for you

Scribbr specializes in editing study-related documents. We proofread:
At Scribbr, we promise to make every customer 100% happy with the service we offer. Our philosophy: Your complaint is always justified – no denial, no doubts

Our customer support team is here to find the solution that helps you the most, whether that’s a free new edit or a refund for the service

Yes, if your document is longer than 30,000 words, you will get a sample of approximately 2,000 words. This sample edit gives you a first impression of the editor’s editing style and a chance to ask questions and give feedback

You will receive the sample edit within 24 hours after placing your order. You then have 24 hours to let us know if you’re happy with the sample or if there’s something you would like the editor to do differently

Read more about how the sample edit works
Yes, in the order process you can indicate your preference for American, British, or Australian English

If you don’t choose one, your editor will follow the style of English you currently use. If your editor has any questions about this, we will contact you

Our APA experts default to APA 7 for editing and formatting. For the Citation Editing Service you are able to choose between APA 6 and 7

Every Scribbr order comes with our award-winning Proofreading && Editing service, which combines two important stages of the revision process

For a more comprehensive edit, you can add a Structure Check or Clarity Check to your order. With these building blocks, you can customize the kind of feedback you receive

You might be familiar with a different set of editing terms. To help you understand what you can expect at Scribbr, we created this table:
|Types of editing||Available at Scribbr?|
Proofreading Correction of superficial mistakes, such as typos, misspellings, punctuation errors and consistency errors. Yes!
This is the “proofreading” in Scribbr’s standard service. It can only be selected in combination with editing

Copy editing Focus on grammar, syntax, style, tone and the conventions of the field. The editor also considers the internal logic of the text and flags any obvious contradictions. Yes!
This is the “editing” in Scribbr’s standard service. It can only be selected in combination with proofreading

Line editing Focus on language, style, concision and choices. The editor helps you strengthen your story, polish your sentences and ensure that your use of language drives home your ideas. Yes!
Select the Structure Check and Clarity Check to receive a comprehensive edit equivalent to a line edit

Developmental editing (i.e. content editing, substantive editing) This is the first step of the editing process and applies to very early drafts. The editor helps you structure