Premium Admissions Editing Services
= Premium Admissions Editing Service =
Admissions essays for college, universities, graduate schools, and other academic programs are among the most important documents you will draft to begin your academic career

Wordvice’s Premium Admissions Editing Service is one way to get off to a great start. Your editor will provide feedback beyond the usual sentence-level corrections. While revising grammar, mechanics, and style errors, in addition to rewording and rephrasing sentences for clarity, our editors also provide comments and suggestions about how to change and improve your essay’s content, organization, and voice. These are some of the most important factors in being admitted into the school or program of your choice

Many clients who have used our English proofreading and services for admissions essays have been successfully admitted to prestigious colleges, universities, and graduate schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, INSEAD, UC Berkeley, and dozens of others. We have edited over 17,000 application essays for international students and maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, with 82% of our clients being repeat customers

 Specific admissions essay documents we have extensive experience editing include: 
- The Common Application Essay
- UC Personal Insight Questions
- Harvard Personal Statement
- Statements of Purpose (for programs in the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and the Arts and Humanities)
- Personal statements
- Resumes and CVs
- Letters of Recommendation
Our clients achieve outstanding results because we customize our revisions to the needs of the applicant, their specific admissions document, the essay prompt, and the institution(s) to which they are applying. Our proofreading and editing guidelines are guided by the standards colleges and universities use to assess admissions essays. Therefore, our editors focus on making revisions with the all-important target reader in mind—the admissions committee or graduate faculty

Premium Admissions Editing Service in a unique service is a unique service only provided by Wordvice, through which applicants can greatly increase their chances of acceptance into colleges and graduate schools. While our standard editing service ensures correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, mechanics, style conventions, formatting, and natural written English, Premium Admissions Editing provides all of this, but includes a range of tools and feedback students can use to need to sharpen their writing, including substantive comments, helpful writing tips, and a Review Letter that addresses individual sections of the essay and elements of the writing

 Wordvice Premium Admissions Editing Service provides: 
- Full service editing and proofreading that includes revision of grammar, mechanics, and style
- Substantive comments about improving composition and content
- A “Letter from the Editor” detailing strengths and highlighting areas needing improvement
- An “Admissions Essay Checklist” that analyzes individual writing and paragraphs elements
- 14-Day unlimited resubmission for editing services
- Direct communication with your editor through a 1:1 messaging system
- Revision by qualified and friendly editors with years of experience with admissions documents
== Differences between Standard Editing and Premium Admissions Editing Service ==
 1. Extensive revisions + substantive comments 
Premium Admissions Editing Service provides detailed essay-proofreading and revision of vocabulary, grammar, and other sentence-level issues. Editors also give extended comments that help writers ensure their work fits the objectives of the given admissions document. More revisions and feedback gives you more chances to revise and submit a perfect final draft

 2. Two useful methods of feedback 
The “Review Letter” is provided to all clients receiving Premium Admissions Editing and includes a two methods of feedback: a “Letter to the Editor” with an overall comment from your editor about how to improve your essay through one or two major changes in approach; and an “Admissions Essay Checklist” that breaks down the essay into sections of content, organization, transitions, and use of concrete language and descriptions. These two documents give writers a more precise idea of what to change to improve their essay and how to do it

 3. Two weeks of unlimited resubmissions and revisions 
After the first draft, most authors make some additional changes to their work before submitting their final essay to institutions. With our Premium Admission Editing Service, authors can make these changes without worrying about additional costs. When authors change less than 30% of the original content, they may resubmit without restrictions for 14 days

 4. Communicate with your editor directly via our messaging system 
Ever feel like you have pressed “send” and forgot to include something important? With Premium Admissions Editing Service, that is not a problem, as authors can send messages to their editor directly to ask questions or provide additional instructions about their essay. Editors will read your message and usually respond within a few hours. Use this service anytime throughout the 14-day revision period. We encourage our clients to get the most out of our service by using this direct communication channel

== Sample Premium Admission Editing Order ==
Our professional editors revise your draft, taking into consideration context, purpose, authorial voice and word count. Wordvice guarantees 100% accuracy in language while improving clarity and strengthening your writing’s organization and flow. We enhance your writing to so that you can share your outstanding qualities to prospective schools!
== Our Admission Essay Editing Professionals ==
Wordvice editors are the best in the industry, and our Premium Admissions editors are experts from a variety of backgrounds and academic fields with high levels of experience, qualification, and success in editing. They are hand-selected by our internal managing editors to provide superior
service. With a combined average of over five years of experience, our editors receive an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5.0

Thanks to our amazing editors and a relentless commitment to our quality, Wordvice has been providing superior editing services for years to clients all over the world. Our Premium Admissions Editing Service is an extension of this commitment to ensuring the best writing possible

**EducationPh.D. candidate, Biomedical Engineering and Immunology, MIT **IntroductionI have been a professional editor for the past ten years, and am a current graduate student in biological engineering and materials science. I also have a master’s degree in neuroscience and a master’s degree in architecture. I specialize in deep editing as well as clarifying complex ideas and unclear text.