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So I quit my job after getting my own place. SoundsI know but my boyfriend has a full time job and lives with me as well. I have been working since I was 16 and I am 19 now. I9-5’s like I struggle so hard to keep a job for even 1 month it’s honestly getting sad. I just wake up one day and decide the job is not worth whatever else I had planned or that I don’t feel good so I don’t wanna go, realize I’ve been putting up with a job Iso I don’t go back, etc. Just sad basic reasons that any strong person shouldn’t quit for… My boyfriend has allowed me to take a few months off of working so I can attempt to find or create a work from home job. I’ve been doing some research on freelance writing, editing, proofreading, and things of that nature. In doing my research I found out (among other things) that it’s not hard to make sustainable income from it because there’s a high demand job, and I think I want to begin gaining the skills to peruse this as a work from home job. I just want someone to read this and tell me it doesn’t sound far fetched asbecause I could definitely go get a 9-5 but, I’d rather put in the efforts to not have to. I will literally take up sewing and make clothes to sell before I just run out and get a normal job right now. I know it won’t be easy at first because you have to seek out your own work but I’m determined. I’m also open to other ideas of work from home/freelance jobs

Myworks as a freelance writer. She works almost every day, all day. She does live alone, so she needs to make money to pay her bills. You might not have to do this since you live with your boyfriend, but just know that you're not going to be making good money until you have a good rep with clients

Ah I see I figured it would be a little hard hopefully not too bad but this gives me some hope :) how long was she doing it before making sustainable income?
Also yes I know a work from home job/freelance is still technically, in hours, equivalent to a 9-5 but, I won’t have to go out and dress up to deal with a wholeof people I don’t wanna deal with (all of my jobs have been in hospitality and customer service. My most recent job being front desk receptionist at a hotel) and that’s what matters to me

Freelance is notoriously hard to get off the ground and make a stable income. Interested to where you heard the opposite
Well yes I know that for sure but, freelance proofreading and editing in specific is an easier form of freelance work (because there is a broad spectrum of different kinds of freelance) if you have a keen eye for details, and a nice hold on grammar and the English language in general. It’s just about finding work which you can do through many freelance apps and websites made just for finding someone to proofread your essay or writing work, cover letters, entrance letters for college, etc. I did a few hours of researching on google so there were many articles, websites, and even just plain old discussion boards that I went through before making a decision (which is not a final decision). And yes there are always cons to any freelance and it will always start off hard but, you have to have the determination to keep going and make it something. They all noted that it’s easier to find work once you’ve had at least a few clients and some good work to show. I didn’t say everything would be perfect and a breeze, I said I think I want to gain the skills necessary to start this up

Also this option is one ANYONE can do and still make income. Not everyone can build computers, fix stuff, make wigs, do hair or nails, do house maintenance, make clothing, make resin art, etc. I mean some people literally make acrylic nails for a living. Yes you can learn all of that but, it doesn’t sound as easy and less time consuming to learn as learning this, and all you need is a computer

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