= [Rifle] AK-103 Prem Forged Classic w/ FN CHF CL Barrel & PPlum Furniture $920 + Free Shipping or IA Pickup / 3% CC or Contact for USPS Money Order. No tax for out-of-state sales =

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Second this. They literally texted me a picture of my two yugo m70 32 acp pistols I ordered from then earlier this year before they shipped them out. 10/10
Nah, it's so they can avoid the card processor fee, and pass the savings onto you. Just contact them so they can put the firearm on hold while they wait for your check
Is it even legal to charge a CC fee? It is expressly against the terms of service for my business to charge CC fees. Edit: I guess its only illegal to charge surcharges and convenience fees (except for governmental agencies) in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas
I've found that terms of service usually doesn't stop people from doing something till they get caught, especially in business. If they wanted to do this they should be implementing a cash discount and pricing things with the fee included

i mean i just paid a CC fee at the dmv to renew my drivers license, so probably?
It's not a CC Fee. It's a "Cash discount"

A legal distinction without a practical difference

Bro if the teacher isn't here after 15 minutes we're bound by the Genoa Salami Convention to be able to leave class
They usually get around it by just claiming they're offering a cash discount rather than up charging a fee

It's illegal to charge extra for credit cards in California, but not illegal to offer a discount for cash. Go figure

Especially when there were legit Kalashnikov rifles on here yesterday for $950
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Are the FN barrels better than the standard AK barrels? I'd assume they are but haven't seen a comparison

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