= Found some House barrels at Costco and Total Wine. Anyone try yet? =

Old Elk is a great distillery! We have the wheated one and have enjoyed it. I like pretty much everything I’ve had there except the sour mash (I think I just might not like those in general)
Unfortunately Ohio doesn’t allow Costco to have a liquor license. I’d like to try some of their bourbons
The two bottles I have tried were both very disappointing. The wilderness trail wheated is much better

I picked up the Old Elk Wheated Bourbon SiB at my local liquor store. Sadly, the thing it taught me is that I don't enjoy wheaters. Not that it is bad. I imagine this is what a fantastic wheater tastes like. Just not my taste
I like thelabel Clyde, it’s about $25 in California. Nothing special, just a tasty little whiskey. I got this 5 year and didn’t like it as much. Just a lot of burn and none of the Clyde sweetness. Let me know though, maybe I need to take another run at it

Have a store pick as well and it's a solid whiskey but not sure I am sold on Old Elk yet as a whole. Stuff seems a bit on the higher dollar end and I have yet to have anything that has wowed me

I saw that at my local Costco and almost pulled the trigger but wellI have too many bottles as it is. Let us know how it is!
“Too many bottleswhere is that line? I’m up to 87 different bottles, not counting duplicates

I’ve tried a total wine pick and loved it! Slightly better than the regular but the proof was 112!! So that upped it for me

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