= [DIY Help Request] Vintage Barrel Furniture plans =

I have been very interested in obtaining an old whiskey/wine barrel and using it to produce a coffee table as well as a wine rack. Examples can be seen below. Does anyone know where plans could be found for something similar? Table: httpwww.wineenthusiast.com/handmade-vintage-oak-whiskey-barrel-coffee-table.asp?AfID=CJ&PID=1205128
Rack: httpwww.trendhunter.com/trends/wine-barrel-furniture

The coffee table doesn't seem to difficult to build. Besides the cutting of the barrel in half, the rest seems easy enough to hack away; i.e. build a frame supporting the barrel where it was cut, build the case with semi circular supports, and finally the top that seems i would probably add in breadboarded ends for stability

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