= Weekend adventures: shoving a 6 foot maple and then two wine barrels in the xB. I love the surprised looks on peoples faces when we make these things happen. Trailer? Nah. =

Someone else was picking up empty barrels in a CRV with a trailer, and they left with two, and we left with two. The guy driving the CRV stared in disbelief, but little did he know how much room is in these things!
SO MUCH ROOM, bought a dishwasher from Best Buy, had them bring it out to curb to put in back, dude walked up and said “That ain’t gonna fit!” I said yup it will (measured carton and box opening and it was gonna fit) said I’ll bet ya $20. His Jaw hit the floor when we tipped it just right and it slid in like butter LOL
would all that weight hurt the suspension or the tires? LOL that's pretty cool tho

They were empty, otherwise, yes, I think that would have been a terrible ride, if I could have even pulled away. I'm already lowered by like 1.5" or something

It's 100% a Japanese Maple and not a giant mj plant. My husband has always wanted one, probably because it looks like a mj plant, but they're pretty trees that provide good privacy, so it's a win-win

I had to look it up, is that a Japanese Maple? The only giveaway that's a tree is the trunk. I saw those leaves and laughed

I'm talking a 7,000 mile trip over a period of three months in the spring. I'll be pulling my TimeOut Easy Camper, but everything else will be within my 2011 Scion xB.