= Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose half bottle after a fun Thanksgiving service =

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Owner who took on bartending at my wine bar for Thanksgiving. Thank god my head bartender had recipes for every cocktail. After a surprisingly busy night I rewarded by self with this bubbily. Beautiful light raspberry light fruit, yeast bread and delicious long crisp finish. Paired beautifully with the Route 11 lightly salted chips a customer bought and left behind. Just what I needed after a busy, long shift. 🥂
Sounds excellent. I've seen this name thrown around here several times recently in several different "what champagne should I get" posts. I haven't found any in local stores so last one I went with was philipponnat, but I think I'm going to seek one of these out next based on what I'm reading
I had a glass of this tonight after service. I lucked out where I work. A champagne bar that’s closed Monday and Tuesday. So on Sundays we finish off all the open bottles as they’ll go flat before our next service. Tonight I had a glass of Bille, PJ, and Bollinger. This place has spoiled me rotten.