= What to cook with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon =

I was gifted a very nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon recently and i want to make some food to fo with it

I know a steak would be very classic, but is there anything else that comes to mind? I want to have fun with it

To me that is a steak wine. Really nice ribeye or strip, medium, potatoes anna, blue cheese wedge, and a kick off perfect Manhattan things that make me happy

Steak or stewed/braised beef will really be your best bet. Lamb is actually quite good with cab. If you want to go a little different, cook a goose!
Be sure to wrap up the meal with a nice cheese course with a blue cheese and some othercheese (Camembert or a washed rind)
I guess my post was worded confusingly. I meant i wanted to mskr a meal to go with it. I would never pour something so valuable into my food lol
I read OP's post as asking for an entree to have with the wine, not cooking with it

Make a meaty red sauce for pasta. Deglaze the pan with some sauvignon after searing the meat and sauteeing the veg

Steak. Or depending.om the style, lamb chops

If you tell me what it is, I can give you more guidance. I sold fine and rare wines for 12.years before becoming a stay at home dad

The dish that got me into cooking was something I totally pulled out of thin air as a teen as I had no clue what I was doing, but it wasdelicious. Fried Polenta slices in a chunky red wine tomato sauce with shallots and asparagus (and way too much garlic)
For me it's either beef bourguinon or a Bolognese sauce. Here's the thing though, it's a waste of a good wine because in cooking with wine, you cant tell the difference between an expensive vintage and a $3 Barefoot. Whatever makes the wine distinct blends in with other as dominant ingredients, especially acidic

Salmon with broccoli cooked with butter, salt, pepper, garlic, and rosemary/thyme
Cab is too big for salmon. Pinot Noir is generally the only good red for salmon. Note: if you like the combo, you do you and enjoy!
Stepping outside Pinot Noir for coq au vin is just kind of wrong. And a cab is too strong

Edit: Realized that I should note that I’m a semi-purist when it comes to wine pairing, but I’m never offended by anything anyone else would like to have for themselves. So enjoy!
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