= Billecart-Salmon Brut Nature =

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Pale gold color with big bubbles upon initial pour but settles down nicely with tight beads

Medium intense nose of pears&cream ((kinda like peaches&cream bbut with pears), almond paste and brioche

On the palate apples, pears, and a mineral drive. The finish long and is laser focused

Medium body, medium- alcohol, medium+ acidity. Bone dry

This is Billecart Salmon’s first foray into zero dosage champagne and I think this is a nice bottle that is riding on the edge of austere but somehow manages to be on the right side. The extended 48mo aging on the lees contributes to a creamy mouthfeel to round of the edges of the acidity

30% Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims and the Grande Vallée de la Marne

30% Chardonnay sourced from the best Crus in the Champagne region

40% Pinot Meunier from the Vallée de la Marne and the southern slopes of Epernay

Vinification in stainless steel tanks 50% to 60% reserve wines

I still prefer champagnes with a bit of dosage to help make the mouthfeel even rounder, but with a couple of hours in air the wine put on some body and came together nicely

It’ll be interesting to follow this brut nature, especially as they use base wine from warmer and warmer vintages

I absolutely love this brut nature version of their wine. I had three bottles and I think I'm already out. This wine is so great aperetif to kick off evening of dining and also pairs so well with any fish that has been pan fried with butter

I'm fascinated to see how this wine would develop with 1-2 years of bottle aging - Which reminded