Were about to ring in the New Yearand the best way to do it is with bubbles. But which bottle of bubbles to choose? [Continue reading]
## The Most Wanted Wine Bottle In The WorldAnd You Can Get It On eBay
## What is Vermentino?
Perusing through the retail wine shelves or a restaurant wine list, you may have come across "Vermentino" and wondered what it is. Yosemite Sam might guess it is an Italian wild rabbit but he'd be wrong. Though, he'd be right about the Italian part[Continue reading]
## Wine ReviewWhat Brunello 2011 Tastes Like
Please don't tell the Consorzio, but I had my first taste of Brunello 2011 -- and Brunello 2010 Riserva -- a few days ago. Some of you in the wine trade might be interested in my impression, so I'm sharing here.[Continue reading]
## Arsenic In WineThe Complete List
Following is the full, complete list of wines that allegedly contain dangerous amounts of arsenic, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, California. Almost all are inexpensive California wines. Arsenic is a poison that, when ingested in high[Continue reading]
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