= Looking for help with Champagne for a special occasion =

Hey all, So I have a birthday coming up soon and I was hoping to celebrate with a great bottle of champagne. I am assuming that anything I listed below will be good, but I am more worried about buying something that is ready to drink now, and doesn't need to mature for the next decade

This is what is available in the "special" case at the liquor store:
Mailly Les Echansons Grand Cru 2002 - $135
Mailly 'Delice' Demi-Sec Grand Cru - $45
Moet & CChandon Imperial 1.5L - $130
Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru 1.5L - $85
Veuve Clicquot 1.5L - $150
Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve 1.5L - $125
Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque 2004 - $160
Krug Grand Cuvee - $160
Feuillatte Palmes D'or Brut Vintage 1999 - $120
Veuve Clicquot La Grande1998 - $150
Dom Perignon 2003 - $135
I am not opposed to spending less, but it will be a special day and I wanted to try something that I will not be willing to spend the money on again anytime soon. However if it's just not worth it for a champagne