= Billecart Salmon Brut Rose NV =

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Getting married this weekend and thought I’d kick off the weekend with a classic. Billecart Salmon Rose NV. Lovely nose of strawberries and red fruit. Yeast and gentle vanilla creaminess as well. Palate is vibrant and energetic with beautiful acidity and a long slightly bitter (in the best way) finish. Paired beautifully with some bacon cheeseburgers

Congrats on your wedding!
As a somm I'm not crazy about the good old Billy. I think it's one of those "we add pinot for the color" rose champagnes that I find incredibly frustrating. It's not a wine of substance, rather a wine of marketing. (Who doesn't like a blush pink glass of bubbly
I've been heavily into rose de saignee as of late. That's a champagne rose that's truly different

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