r/AutoNewspaper - [Business] - Aldi bursts bubble on Champagne Sorbet with ECJ ruling | Irish Times

r/Donaldtrumpdailynews - Aldi Is Selling A Magnum Of Champagne For £31.99

r/thenewsrightnow - Crack out the bubbly! Aldi sorbet can be called Champagne after ruling

r/wine - Aldi's booze is apparently the best in the world... Again.

r/circlejerkaustralia - This is what voting for the Liberal Party in both houses felt like.

r/aldi - Tonight's 99% ALDI SUPPER! Champagne Poached Atlantic Salmon in an Orange Champagne Buerre Blanc topped with a homemade Roasted Sunflower Seed Basil Pesto garnished with Supremes of Valencia Orange. Only non-Aldi Ingredient: Basil from my garden!

r/melbourne - PSA: the $25 "French champagne" from Aldi is shit. Don't bother if you remotely respect champagne.

r/britishproblems - In the next week some smug git is going to write an article that the best Champagne/caviar/truffles for Xmas are Aldi/Lidl own brand beating Harrods/Waitrose.

r/UMukhasimAutoNews - (DW) Champagne sorbet: Aldi pops cork after sweet court win | Legal issues bubbled up several years ago when a German retailer offered up "Champagne Sorbet" at Christmas time. With the European court having weighed in on the broader issue, the case now goes back to a German court.

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