= Did I ruin my 2010 Dom Perignon Vintage? =

*Newb alert*
My wife and I received a bottle of 2010 Dom Perignon Vintage for our wedding in May. We decided to wait to pop it until our one-year anniversary since we received it on our all-inclusive honeymoon

I've stored it upright in the back of our kitchen cabinet. But I did a few Reddit searches recently and am now overthinking that we've waited too long to open it*?
*Edit* Based on the 7-10 year range and keeping it upright instead of on its side

Believe it or not, 2010 Dom Perignon is actually only a year old. They age it in the bottle for over 9 years in a “reductive” (no oxygen) environment. It wasn’t until September 2020 that they released it. I would honestly even hold onto it for a couple more years to really bring out some developed flavors to add complexity. Champagne generally isn’t the most necessary style to store sideways, since the cork is significantly denser and compacted than regular wine corks are. Storing wine sideways (for red wines) helps the cork from drying out if it’s aging for a long time (think >10 years). The main few things that can harm the wine are high temperatures, light exposure, and significant temperature fluctuations (hot to cold and back). I think holding it in the back of a kitchen cabinet is great, as long as it’s relatively cool and dry

I wouldn't worry too long about it being upright, but being stored at a range of varying temperatures isn't ideal

I'd find an excuse to celebrate (Christmas and then drink it

I've drank 30 year old Dom P and it's still fantastic. The tempreture it was at, at the back of the cupboard is most important. Either way, I'd pop it! Deserves to be drunk. It's just wine after all

It should be fine but obviously dependent on how it was stores prior to it being gifted to you…
The guy who gifted it for me is a big-time champagne/wine drinker so I want to safely assume it was stored well prior. Thanks for the note!
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