= Lt. Ernest Childers, a Creek, being congratulated by Gen. Jacob L. Devers after receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor in Italy for wiping out two machine gun nests, 13 July 1944. =

Citation from the CMoH Society:
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and
beyond the call of duty in action on 22 September 1943, at Oliveto,
Italy. Although 2d Lt. Childers previously had just suffered a fractured
instep, he, with eight enlisted men, advanced up a hill toward enemy
machine-gun nests. The group advanced to a rock wall overlooking a
cornfield and 2d Lt. Childers ordered a base of fire laid across the
field so that he could advance. When he was fired upon by two enemy
snipers from a nearby house heboth of them. He moved behind the
machine-gun nests andall occupants of the nearer one. He
continued toward the second one and threw rocks into it. When the two
occupants of the nest raised up, he shot one. The other wasby
one of the eight enlisted men. 2d Lt. Childers continued his advance
toward a house farther up the hill, and singlehandedly, captured an
enemy mortar observer. The exceptional leadership, initiative, calmness
under fire, and conspicuous gallantry displayed by 2d Lt. Childers were
an inspiration to his men

Lt. Childers served in Company C, 180th Infantry, 45th Infantry Division. Company C was, at the time, referred to as an "Indian" company because most, if not all of its members were Native Americans

Gen. Devers was the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of the Mediterranean Theater of Operations under British Gen. "Jumbo" Wilson. Devers was also the commanding officer of all US Army forces in the theater

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