= James B. Beam Hardin’s Creek Jacob’s Well =

Got a bottle of this yesterday at 1 West DuPont Circle (pstreetwines.com, also on Drizly) for $159. I wasn’t psyched to drop that much, but that’s essentially msrp, complies with the $10 per year rule, and I like the Beam lineup enough to try it

Posting here because I really enjoyed it and recommend it, and this is the only time I’ve seen it available. Not sure how many bottles they have left

I decided to compare it side by side against other bottles I’ve begrudgingly spent too much on this year but think are delicious: Calumet 16 and Bardstown Discovery 7. It won over both of them, though I might enjoy the latter when I’m in the mood for something sweet or different

Final comment: I think the branding and packaging is a mess. Too many names, too many apostrophe’s, too much going on with the bottle and the tin that it came in. But the taste is worth it

You're not wrong about the naming sense. When I saw this post I thought you were talking about three separate bottles

From what I’ve picked up reading reviews etc - I think it’s a guideline that the msrp of bourbon should not exceed more than $10 per year of aging. And I think this is a relatively new “rule” that certainly didn’t exist even a few years ago, and now makes us feel like traditional offerings from Wild Turkey, Elijah Craig, etc are tremendous values … and also makes it totally reasonable to spend $159 on a new release with a 184-month age statement :)
100% agree with the hideous packaging/marketing. I also loved this bottle, it's fairly off profile for Beam I think with a nice fruity note on the palate

Agree. I didn’t even bother side by side comparing to Bookers or Knob Creek yet, for that reason. But maybe next weekend…
Also does your use of past tense re: “loved” mean you’ve already finished it? :)
First I'm hearing of the $10 per year rule. If it's what I'm thinkingit's a terrible rule

I’m with you. Anything 10 years or less, it doesn’t make sense. most 10 year bourbons are well under $100, and they’re definitely not all great values. My median line for 10 year bourbons is around $60, not $100

Once we get over 10 years, it makes a little more sense. But it’s still a terrible rule of thumb. It assumes a linear price progression. And it’s clearly not. Not for bourbon, not for scotch. It’s more of an an exponential curve, with an increasing per-year average cost with every year added

How so? It’s a rough estimate, not a hard rule. Help me find a 20 year bourbon for less than $200 MSRP please

I think producing at very high volume gives producers lower per bottle cost and more flexibility on price. Thus RR10 doesn’t need to charge $100 etc

I think it only comes in to effect when it’s a batch made from what’s presumably the honey barrels of whichever particular distillery it comes from

Back to the original point of the post - if anyone else gets or tries one of these Jacob’s Wells, let us know what you think of it

r/bourbon is a good place to go for information like you're seeking. They don't tolerate low effort posts like bottlecrotch shots, so the sub ends up being mostly reviews

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