= LPT: If you need to leave immediately and have no time to pack clothes due to a natural disaster, abusive SO, or whatever reason just grab yourlaundry hamper. =

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This exact same thing has been posted before and was highly up voted and it still is not making any sense to me, just like before

If it's a natural disaster, you will be way better off keeping your hands free. A hamper cannot be carried easily. Rain, fire, flood whatever- would mean you may need to be able to move fast. Save your life, don't worry about clothing Goodwill has plenty of them

As for abusive SO: best to not let it get to that. When that can't be avoided, create a escape plan that's better than grabbing a hamper. While it's not easy to leave an abusive relationship, it's quite easy to forsee that time like that might come. Make a better escape plan

I can't think of any time when this is a good plan

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