**Ideal Protein Diet Protocol** **BodyTech is an authorized provider of the Ideal Protein Keto Diet Protocol
Achieve healthy sustainable weight loss with BodyTech, a premier provider of the highly effective Ideal Protein weight loss protocol. Our medically developed, easy to follow ketogenic protocol harnesses your bodys ability to burnwithout sacrificing muscle mass. This supervised diet program has transformed the lives and bodies of countless people. The trained health coaches at BodyTech offer you everything necessary to succeed, including structure, supervision, and truly personalized support. Best of all, Ideal Protein is designed to not only help you lose weight, but to also teach you how tocorrectly in order to maintain a healthy weight. For more than a decade, thousands of dieters have experienced remarkable success with the Ideal Protein diet and BodyTech coaching. Find out how the BodyTech team can help you. Attend a FREE, no-obligation introduction

**What Makes The Ideal Protein Diet Your Best Choice**
- Learn how food and sugar affects your body
- Quick weight-loss based on a science-backed protocol
- Targetedburning diet, designed to preserve muscle mass
- Professional advice from BodyTech certified coaches
- Private, weekly coaching (remote, on-line or in-person)
- Education and guidance throughout weight loss and weight maintenance programs
- Increased energy, vitality, and wellness
- Reduced food cravings and better appetite control
- Significant health improvements, such as improved cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure
- Never any high-pressure sales, no contracts, and health coaches do not work on commission

- Joining the BodyTech community means you are a lifetime member. BodyTech only charges you for food and supplements
## 3 Phases To Better Results
 BodyTech offers a comprehensive, single resource to lose weight and keep it off for the long term

Based on a three-phase protocol (
**Weight Loss, Stabilization and Maintenance each step of Ideal Protein provides you with clear cut guidelines for eating, enabling you to lose weight, improve your health, increase your energy, develop good eating habits, and achieve your personal best. Our approach to weight loss easily fits into the busiest of lifestyles

## A Truly Ideal Ketogenic Diet

Ideal Protein is a unique nutritional ketogenic weight loss program that gets results. It promotesloss without sacrificing muscle, and is predictable, repeatable, sustainable, and easy to follow. Thousands of clients have lost weight on the Ideal Protein Diet and learned to live happier, healthier lives

## Who Can Benefit from the Ideal Protein Keto Diet?
**Anyone who
- Wants to lose weight and take control of their health
- Is tired of weight damaging their health
- Has tried to lose weight before and failed or gained it back
- Has poor eating habits or busy schedules
- Wants more energy and vitality
- Wants to lose weight for a special event
- Wants to lose the baby weight
- Wants to make a positive change for their body and life
- Wants to model better eating habits to their family
## Why Choose BodyTech
Not all diets are the same. At BodyTech Weight Loss and Health, we take great pride in being recognized as one of the best and most successful Ideal Protein diet clinics in the nation. Our award-winning clinic is located in the heart of North Bethesda, Maryland, and serves hundreds of clients every year. Our coaches are proud to claim more successful weight loss victories than many of our competitors combined. We believe our approach, combined with our superior client care, huge in-stock product selection, and education centered coaching, make us your best choice

## BodyTech voted the Bethesda Magazine 2019 WinnerBest Weight Loss Center

## Reasons People Love The IP Diet At BodyTech
- Backed by validated science and research, with proven results
- Three Phase approach:
Weight Lossdesigned to optimizeloss through nutritional ketosis, Stabilizationto adjust macronutrient (protein/fat/carbs) intake in the right proportions Maintenancefor long-term weight management through on-going support, education, and strategies
- Not a high protein diet. Super tasty, easy to prepare, quality protein-based foods
- Designed to fit into your busy schedule and tailored to your individual weight loss goals
- No calorie counting or trying to decide the correct balance of carbohydrates and protein
- Focus is on eating real foods, including healthy lean protein (meat, chicken, fish, eggs) and fresh vegetables
- Protocol for vegetarians
- Largest selection of Ideal Protein products in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C


No other diet has even come close to the results and support Ive experienced working with the coaches at BodyTech. Their Ideal Protein protocol WORKS, and they kept me motivated and feeling good about myself from week to week. Its a MUST DO No other diet has even come close to the results and support Ive experienced working with the coaches at BodyTech. Their Ideal Protein protocol WORKS, and they kept me motivated and feeling good about myself from week to week. Its a MUST DO
 Happy Dieter, Olney, MD
## Look and Feel Your Best for Life!
At BodyTech, losing weight is just the beginning. We make it our mission to empower and educate you so your results last. The first part of our job is helping you achieve your goal weight, then we equip you with the knowledge, strategies and support needed to keep the weight off and improve your overall sense of well-being

**BodyTech is your partner for life *When you choose to diet with us, we will teach you essential concepts, including:*
- How and why your body gainsand how to avoid it
- How the right mix of foods will help you loseand weight
- What toto achieve and maintain a healthy weight
- How to navigate tempting and stressful situations
- How to regain focus after a setback
## What to Expect at BodyTech
- A welcoming approach to weight loss that fosters accountability, not guilt,or judgment
- Quick weight losswithout sacrificing muscle mass
- Passionate coaching, education, motivation, and support
- Gain an understanding of how food affects the body and is utilized by it
- Improvement in blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels
- Improved energy and reduced cravings
- Personal coaching, weigh-ins, and on-going education
- Easy to follow recipes and experts at cooking with IP foods
- Meal suggestions and preparation tips to assist the cook in the family
- No contracts, hidden fees, or charges for coaching, only pay for the food and supplements you need
*Since 2009, BodyTech has been on a mission to empower our clients through better health, diet education, and superior support services focused on lasting weight loss. We believe it is essential that every client feels good, inside and out. We are committed to fostering a positive, non-judgmental coaching environment that delivers realistic advice, personalized care, extensive dieter resources, and 100% positive supportwhich extends beyond the weight loss phase. We understand no two clients are alike and pledge to do our best to serve every client in a truly personal way.*