Body Tracker for desktop
Windows Compatible
- Use six bodycalculators to record bodypercentage
- Unlimited clients
- Record body tape measurements
- Record your macronutrients
- Record Blood Pressure
- BMI and BMI Calculator
- Store pictures of yourself to see your progress over time
- Graph all your results
- One Rep Max Calculator
- Purchase
- Body Tracker Product Tour
 Unlimited Clients
$19.95 Add $20 for CD

## Leaders in body-measurement software
## We've been developing software for 19 yearsSince 1999, we have focused on one simple goal: making easy-to-use software so you can calculate your body composition using our bodycalculators, by yourself, with no prior experience

## Used by professionals around the globeSince it was first released 19 years ago, Body Tracker has been purchased and used by professional bodybuilders, figure competitors, personal trainers, gyms, and even a professional baseball team

## Our bodycalculators are a snapWhy spend money and time having somebody else calculate your bodypercentage when you can do it yourself. Body Tracker will guide you every step of the way

## See pictures of yourself as you lose body fatNothing is more motiviating than seeing pictures of yourself as you lose body. View your photos with your associated bodypercentage and measurements.