New or Re-Roofing? Why not fit Full Roll Top Copper Ridge complete with fixings and Copper Clips
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Copper Ridge Systems are the market leaders in the manufacture of high grade copper roof flashings, designed to combat the growth of moss and algae, servicing the commercial and domestic roofing sector. The company was formed by Stuart Penrose, one of Northern Irelands leading Roofing specialists .Copper Ridge is still manufactured by SPR and shipped directly to clients UK wide & Ireland
Under Ridge strip..With water capture folds to increase
copper sulphur range of sizes available
Copper requires no maintenance and is especially suited for areas that are difficult or dangerous to access after completion

Copper is antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, moulds, algae and killing moss

Over the years, various methods have been used to incorporate copper into roof construction to take advantage of this quality,
these include copper wire underneath the slate, copper strips protruding from the lip of the slates or ridge and spraying of the roof
with copper sulphur. Copper ridge systems products are an effective way of cleaning your roof and providing an effective moss killer

The success of any Copper moss prevention system is reliant on the quality of copper used.Copper Ridge-SPR only uses pure copper in all our product range, ensuring maximum Copper Sulphur is produced. If you are purchasing any of our products through a merchant, ask is it genuine Copper Ridge from SPR

Simple design for ease of installation Designed for DIY
Universal Copper Retro Fits.

Fitted to exsisting Ridge caps