*YouTube doesnt allow you to share a private Youtube playlist. Theres a workaround though.*
People usually create private YouTube playlists for their own viewing pleasure

A private YouTube playlist may contain public, unlisted, or private videos

Usually, they contain private videos. Videos that they dont want anyone else to watch except some selected people

If theyve hundreds of private videos, they would want to organize them by playlists

This would save them time and effort hunting their favorite videos among the hundreds of other random videos on their channel

But sometimes there will be a need to share the private YouTube Playlist with family members or friends

As you may already know, YouTube doesnt allow you to share the URL of a private playlist

You can only share a public and unlisted playlist

Does that mean you cant share your private YouTube playlists? No. The good news is theres a workaround

The first reason is you want the videos to be viewed by certain people. In other words, you want the videos to be private

Second, you can easily add more private videos to the list. Maybe you want the videos to be watched in a particular order. This would be helpful if youre sharing training videos

Since you cant share the URL of a private YouTube playlist, how do you go about sharing the private videos in your playlist?
Heres the workaround

## Steps to Sharing a Private YouTube Playlist
 Create a Playlist and Add Videos
First of all, you create the playlist

Then you start adding videos to the playlist

 Set Videos to Private
Once the videos are there, you would have to set the privacy to private

Heres the complete guide to setting your videos as private and sharing them via email notifications

Do these for all the videos

## Send Email Notifications
You have to send email notifications to whoever you want to share the videos with

Once youre done, youve to go to the most important step

 Changing the Privacy Setting of Your Playlist
Change the privacy setting of the playlist. You can set the privacy to either public or unlisted

Why are we doing this? Its because YouTube only allows you to share only public and unlisted playlists

Wouldnt others be able to see the videos in the playlist because it is set as public or unlisted?
Yes, they can click through to the playlist. However, they wont be able to access any videos there

Why? Because all the videos there are private. They can only be viewed by those given permission to do so through email

The next time you add a new private video to the playlist, you just have to give access to the people you choose through email

This solves the problem of being unable to share a private YouTube playlist. It is a simple workaround

Watch the video below for the detailed steps.