Consider Turning off Videos Except for Interpreter and Presenter

Turning off videos will save bandwidth and focus the attention on the interpreter and presenter. Spotlight the interpreter so s/he shows up on the cloud recording

Multi-Spotlight Does Not Show All Spotlit People In the Cloud Recording

If you spotlight more than one person during a Zoom session, in the speaker view of the recording, you will only see the active (verbalizing) speaker. This means that if the speaker and interpreter are both spotlit, then only the verbalizing speaker will be seen in the speaker view of the recording, not the silent ASL interpreter. Zoom is aware of this limitation and will work on it as a feature request

Instead, do one of the following:
• None If you have multiple people spotlit in the meeting, use the gallery view of the recording to see all spotlit people. Note you will also see all the other participants whose videos are on

• None If you spotlight only one person during the meeting, that the one person does retain focus in the recording in the speaker view

If you want everyone to see the active speaker, you can spotlight up to 9 people. Spotlighted speakers will be visible on cloud recordings. If you want to see one person from your view only, you can pin the person (host can pin up to 9). However, the pinned person will not be recorded on the cloud recording

Note: Must have 3 or more participants to use this feature. Spotlight video puts up to 9 participants as the primary active speakers for all participants, and participants will only see these speakers. Spotlighting can also be done during screen sharing. This feature is often used to spotlight a keynote speaker. We usually spotlight the interpreter, especially if cloud recording

• At the top of your screen, hover over the video of the participant you want to spotlight and click ..

• (Optional) To spotlight additional participants (up to 9 total), follow steps 1 and 2 again as needed, clicking on Add Spotlight instead

• At the top of your meeting window, hover over the video of the participant you want to pin and click ..

• Optional: If the host wants to pin additional videos (up to 9 total), follow steps 1 & 2 again as needed

• Optional: If you have at least 3 participants in the meeting and dual monitor enabled, you will have the option to pin to your first screen or your second screen

By default, only the host or co-host can utilize the multi-pin feature, but either can allow individual