Is the lack of any meta information normal for MJPEG or is it just related to the camera I am using? If there a no information about the stream, how can a player know how fast to play the video?

To add to already answered, IP camera is a live video source and frames are typically presented as soon as they arrive from camera. Rare IP camera attaches extra per frame information other than fame size (some don't do even this! they send data and separators only). Still some do attach time stamps and extra data like motion detection state

Most of the IP cameras don't do constant frame rate. That is, frame rate might vary, esp. lower down in low light conditions. It is the responsibility of the receiving side to attach per frame time stamps when multiplexing the data into container format. Time stamp might be recovered from metadata (which rarely exists) or - more frequently - receiver stamps a frame with local receive time

This is the way for the player to play back video sequence in proper rate. Live feed is typically presented on "show received frame as soon as possible" basis.