= Repairing/Painting Cracks in stucco =

I am going to repair aof minor cracks in the exterior stucco of my house. From the online research I've done, it looks pretty simple. I will be following the guide i found here (httpsthestuccoguy.com/repairing-hairline-cracks-in-exterior-stucco/) . These httpsimgur.com/gallery/uh7U2K7 are the cracks that I'm attempting to repair. Am I missing anything major before I begin this project?

Nope, that is pretty much it

I live out in the desert, and 70% or more of our homes are stucco. Cracks are normal and expected. We hide them with an elastomeric stucco paint. It bridges all the cracks with a waterproof layer

Trying to patch all the cracks will drive you crazy. Just not worth it in the end

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