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 The Warehouse Thank You For Visiting and R&T Motorsports LLC. we are a major JDM supplier of Japanese engines and parts. Feel free to give us a call or come by: Use Google Maps

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 We carry many JDM Engines/Motors/Front clips and parts. We stock up many popular models such as Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and Toyota. We keep in stock B16a, B16a sir-2, B16a2, GSR B18c, B18c Type R, H22a, F22b, EK4 B16a sir-3, Sr20det s13, S14, Rb20det Skyline, RB25det, RB26DETT, Fairlady 300zx VG30DETT, VG30DE, Sr20de, Ca18det, FD3s RX7, Fc3s RX-7, 4G63T AWD, 4G63 FWD, Evolution 4G63T, D15b, B20B, KLZE, BpT, 3sgte mr2 and celica and many more. Not only do we carry swaps, we carry front clips as well. The RHD clips come mainly with dashes, clusters, pedals, everything under the hood, stereos etcWe also have frond end conversions for sales as well. We keep in stock many honda, nissan, and toyota. We are different that most JDM sellers in that we purchase whole cars at auctions. About 10% of our products are purchased at junkyards. The remaining 90% comes from Japanese auctions. We purchase the cars break them down into front clips. We then package the clips w/ front ends, doors, seats, suspensions, taillights, rear hatches, trunks, and rear bumper in the container. We basically ship the whole car back in parts. So we have many jdm parts for sale as well. All our JDM Engines are tested before removal from their donor vehicle. All motors sold on come with a 100% start-up warranty only and are sold as is. 1. Start up warranty is only valid on USED, JDM engines and is unconditional when changing the following engine components:- ALL belts, water pump and tension pulley, spark plugs, spark plug wires , rotor. All of the previously mentioned have to be changed on JDM Engines to become legible for the 100% start-up warranty

 2. The startup warranty is only vald for 60 days after receiving the engine

 3. Buyer assumes all costs of the motor if prior mentioned items were not changed, the 100% start-up warranty becomes void All refusedwill be charged 30% of the invoice amount for restocking fee plus all freight charges to return the item to our warehouse. . Prices do not included shipping and handling. Some items listed are not legal for use on public highways. Please check with local authorities before placing your order. All engines are removed from running vehicles. Any Labor for installation or removal of any defective part is not included in this warranty. It is the customer's responsibility for all freight charges for return on defective items. Any engine or parts that are found to have been overheated or show any signs of damage due to improper or unqualified installation procedures, signs of the u.s. or aftermarket forced induction systems or any signs that Nitrous Oxide was used in the engine will NOT be covered by this warranty 


 Our business specialty is sourcing top quality JDM engines and parts and bringing them to the U.S. at the lowest cost possible. We are now doing installs ourselves. Our staff can recommend the swap type that is best suited for your particular vehicle.