We make easy vegetarian and vegan recipes that are free from gluten and perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacking. No matter your cooking method: Air Fryer, Instant Pot, Oven or Range, we have got you covered!
## Delicious Recipes
## Vegan Recipes
If you are looking for delicious and easy to make vegan recipes, we have got you covered. We have taken some classic comfort foods that typically have meat and we have turned them into tasty vegan recipes!
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## Tofu Recipes
Tofu is a popular protein among vegetarians and vegans. It absorbs to the flavors it's paired with. Check out these flavorful tofu recipes

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## Recent Recipes
We are constantly creating new vegetarian and vegan recipes! Here you can find what we just published!
## Air Fryer Recipes
We love cooking up vegetarian and vegan recipes in our air fryer! Here you can find all our air fryer recipes!
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## Instant Pot Recipes
Looking for meatless instant pot recipes? We cover the basics of making IP Rice to Instant Pot Taco Soup and more!