## Freshly squeezed fresh (celery, apples, grapefruit)Read more »
Delicious and healthy freshly squeezed celery, apple and grapefruit juice for those who are really for a healthy diet. Juice from such ingredients will allow you to reboot the body and boost immunity. In our recipe
## Vegetarian CasseroleRead More »
What could be better than a vegetarian casserole on your table. The combination of lentils, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and other vegetables with spices give the dish an absolutely unforgettable taste. Having cooked once a vegetarian casserole according to this wonderful
## Baked chickpeas in spicesRead more »
Baked chickpeas are a dish that is often found in vegetarian cuisine. Chickpeas are rich in vitamins, minerals, contain many proteins and carbohydrates. It is very useful - especially in a vegetarian diet. baked recipe
## Brussels sprouts in the ovenRead more »
Brussels sprouts in the oven are one of the most delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes. The dish is very rich in vitamins and brings great benefits to the body. And even though
## Soy meat with vegetablesRead more »
We do not like this name - soy "meat". In fact, it is soy texturate (soy protein texture), but with a name adapted for the buyer. It is difficult to say who this commercial move is designed for:
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** I don'tanyonethen you and I are on the way. We have lovingly collected **vegetarian recipes **lean recipes** and **recipes with photos for raw foodists Lenten recipes imply the non-use of dairy products and any type of meat. Recipes for lacto-vegetarians will allow the use of milk and honey in the ingredients. Vegan recipes exclude all animal products from the ingredients, including honey. Cooking for raw foodists is based on the inadmissibility of heat treatment of food during cooking

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