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**When Is Easter 2022**
- Friday,
April 15this Good Friday

- Saturday,
April 16this Holy Saturday. Easter Sundayor Easter Dayis on April 17ththis year

- Monday,
April 18this Easter Monday

**What Is The Significance Of Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday is widely observed as the day of
**Jesus** Christ’s resurrection by Christians all around the world on April 1. The New Testament of the **Christian Bible** has a detailed account of the occurrence of the resurrection. Several accounts in the New Testament of the Bible state that Mary Magdalene discovered the tomb where Jesus had been buried empty and that an angel then informed her that Jesus had risen from the dead. As a result, Easter Sunday is observed as the anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection

**Most Profitable Time To Book Easter Flights In 2022
The time of year that a traveller chooses to book flights for the Easter holidays will also influence his or her chances of securing a low-cost trip. For the most part, February is the ideal month to take advantage of flight deals and discounts. Additionally, booking approximately six to seven weeks in advance allows travellers to take advantage of amazing Easter travel deals. Getting discounts on Easter or
**Cheap Flights for Good Friday 2022 planning to book in April is also a great idea

**Top Destinations To Visit In Easter 2022 **Domestic Destinations
- New York City
- New Orleans
- Washington DC
- Seattle
- Boston
**International Destinations
- Marrakesh
- Bristol
- Paris
- London
- Rome
**Which Airline Offers Cheap Easter Airfare Deals **Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines Reservations is a great way to arrange your Easter vacations in
**Miami, Atlanta, Florida and **Orlando Call them directly to get discounts up to 20%. **Book Delta Airlines Last Minute Easter Flights 
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**Delta Airlines Last Minute Deals Take a peek at everything Delta has to offer. You can fix all of your concerns with just one call to the Delta Airlines Help Desk. Delta customer service can also help you manage your booking at the best price. As a result, if you have any questions about Delta Airlines, you can go to their official website. **United Airlines
The aircraft’s regular customer program is United’s MileagePlus. It allows passengers to win points by traveling on United or United Express. United MileagePlus miles would no longer be terminated. They’d already be gone if you didn’t use them for a year and a half. The reliability program also includes Premier status, which enables you to bonus miles, fee waivers, limits, and other perks. Passengers can take advantage of United Airlines Last-Minute Easter Flights if seats are available on their trip

**Southwest Airlines** and **Frontier Airlines **both have flights starting as low as $49, which you can find on their official websites or by contacting their customer service directly

The waiver of a flight discount is conditional on the discount being provided, as previously indicated. It is absolutely unrelated to the airline with which you are purchasing a plane ticket. As a result, through the Good Friday special flights and cheap easter flight deals 2022 on this page, you can book low-cost flight tickets with all major US and international airlines such as
**American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways and many others. **What’s the best time to Get Cheap Easter flight deals in 2022
According to our previous experience, the ideal time to book Easter weekend flights is around February up to the 2nd week of March. You can even save more than 20% on your plane tickets during this month on a variety of airlines. For the entire holiday season, many websites like bestfaredeals.com offer exceptional Easter 2022 airline and vacation packages. Their reduced Easter weekend airfares will allow you to go to the Easter destinations of your choice with ease and convenience. Save additional money by booking your domestic or international flights for Easter with websites like
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in Advance** – Booking air tickets in advance is the greatest approach to get
cheap Easter flights. The best time to book is four to eight weeks before your
trip. Last-minute Easter flights are not recommended because they may be
extremely rare and expensive.