The latest addition to the “dog genre” of cinema is the aptly named *Dog*. Starring Channing Tatum in the lead role, the road comedy deals with the unlikely friendship of an ex-Army Ranger and a Belgian Malinois called Lulu. As the pair embark on a trip to attend a soldier’s funeral, the two end up learning important life lessons along the way Because of its plot and genre, *Dog* will surely generate interest among fans of heartwarming dog movies. Fans of Tatum would also be interested in *Dog *as the actor also serves as the co-director and writer ## Turner & Hooch (1989) Stream On Disney+ A canine-centric twist on the buddy cop genre, *Turner and Hooch* is one of the most feel-good Tom Hanks movies. The plot involves a detective joining forces with a dog who witnesses a murder. While working together, they also share the same space leading to some hilarious hi-jinks. *Turner and Hooch* is bound to impress fans of *Dog* as both movies portray unlikely partnerships. And in both cases, the man and the dog might be polar opposites but they touch each other's lives by the end ## Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) Stream On Vudu Drama movies for dog lovers are bound to make viewers teary-eyed with their heartwarming themes *Hachi* is a prime example in this regard. The titular dog is a Japanese Akita dog who forms a special bond with an American professor Channing Tatum’s *Dog* is a light-hearted look at a friendship between humans and animals. On the other hand, *Hachi *takes a similar look but in an intensely emotional way. So, if viewers wish to go for a tear-jerker after *Dog*, then * Hachi *makes for the perfect option ## Magic Mike (2012) Stream On HBO Max *Magic Mike *continues to be one of Channing Tatum’s best movies. The actor and dancer stars as a stripper from Tampa who introduces a novice to the tricks of the trade. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, *Magic Mike* offers a satirical glimpse into the tumultuous life of male strippers A comparison between *Magic Mike* and *Dog* would show that Tatum can handle both R-rated and family-friendly territories. Another significant reason to check out the former is that Tatum’s frequent collaborator Reid Carolin also served as writer and producer. Even *Dog* finds the two coming together for writing and directorial duties ## Max (2015) Stream On Apple TV The titular military dog in *Max* is going through a traumatic phase after the death of his human partner. Bestowed to his late partner’s younger brother, Max sets out to investigate the mystery behind the death *Max* makes for a perfect companion watch after *Dog *as both movies end up featuring friendships between a former military person and a Belgian Malinois. The only difference lies in the fact that *Max* has a more serious in tone. Apart from being a moving tale of friendship, it also functions as a mystery drama ## Eight Below (2006) Stream On Disney+ Featuring one of Paul Walker's earliest performances, *Eight Below* is the story of eight valiant huskies who are stuck in a snowstorm. Rather than giving up, the dogs fight all odds to get reunited with their handler Be it the trained dogs’ performances or the emotional storyline, *Eight Below* ticks off all the boxes of being a perfect dog movie. The choice of featuring huskies in a snowy setting is also a fresh change in location for the genre. Viewers should also be prepared for the tissues as the third act does get emotional ## The Call Of The Wild (2020) Stream On Max Go Based on Jack London’s novel of the same name, this adaptation of *The Call of the Wild* features Harrison Ford as an outdoorsman who embarks on an adventure during the Gold Rush while befriending a lost dog called Buck. The creature in question incorporates CGI in its visual design, an element that might distract dog movie loyalists. But ultimately, the drama works as a faithful adaptation of a classic heartwarming story Apart from focusing merely on the protagonist, the movie covers Buck’s exploration of the wild. Much like *Dog*, *The Call of the Wild* also works as a coming-of-age story for the canine as it goes through new experiences on the way ## Isle Of Dogs (2018) Stream On Disney+ Set in a post-apocalyptic world where all dogs are exiled on an island, Wes Anderson’s stop-motion animation movie is a thrilling story of one boy’s quest to change this law. Dogs of all breeds appear throughout the movie, voiced by legendary actors such as Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, and Scarlett Johansson Movies like *Dog *are simplistic heartwarming adventures that are perfect for casual viewing. But if dog lovers are looking for an edgier story for dog-human bonds, then they should not look beyond *Isle of Dogs* ##(2021) Stream On Hulu Featuring Nicolas Cage in one of his best recent movies, finds the self-proclaimed “thespian” sink his teeth into the role of a truffle hunter who is attached to nobody barring his. So, when the titular creature goes missing, the protagonist goes through any means possible to reunite with his a grim and mature character study on loneliness with theserving as an interesting metaphor. *is not an easy watch but it definitely adds diversity to the otherwise-repetitive pantheon of animal movies ## As Good As It Gets (1997) Stream On Netflix After an obsessive and rude writer’s neighbor is attacked, the grumpy old man is tasked with taking care of the latter’s dog. What starts off as an adventure in “dog-sitting” turns into a life-changing journey for the character played by Jack Nicholson as he explores new trysts with love and life The dog in *As Good As It Gets *receives limited footage but plays a crucial role in opening up to the outside world. This theme has carried on in multiple dog-based movies such as *Dog* ## The Art Of Racing In The Rain (2019) Stream On Fubo TV Enzo, the dog in this adaptation of Garth Stein’s novel, doesn’t go on any over-the-top adventures. Instead, he calmly observes his owner, a professional Formula 1 driver. As the creature picks up the latter’s racing tricks, he also starts basing his own philosophy on them When it comes to humanizing a dog, *The Art of Racing In The Rain* works well and overcomes the familiar trappings of the genre. Fans of Channing Tatum and Lulu’s friendship would also appreciate this movie’s pair of Denny and Enzo NEXT: The 10 Best Dogs In Film, Ranked