= What used SUV offers third row seating, 4x4 capability, and is sub-$7000? =

Keep in mind reliability and maintenance costs since mileage will likely be higher. What would be best best chose? The Tahoe/Yukon looks like a strong contender and the XL and Suburban are there if you need more room. What would you choose if you had a budget of under $7k and needed third row seating and 4x4 capability?
If you're ok with the fuel mileage than an Expedition or Tahoe is the way to go. But you arent going to get much for under $7000

Anything running and 4 wheel drive is $4-5000 around here, and thats significant body damage salvage title territory. Raising the budget just a little only means it may only have 165,000 miles and not been rolled - possibly
I bought a 2001 Toyota Sequoia a few months ago for $6k

Single owner. 150k miles. 4x4. Very clean. I've had it a few months. Runs great. Replaced an ignition coil ($85 and 5 mins diy with a ratchet) after a check engine light. Put in a new radio (really easy)

It should easily run until 300k with no major issues. Timing belts need to be changed every 7 years or about 100k miles and it's about a $1k job (with water pump at the same time bc it's right there)

Originally I wanted something a few years newer but you'd never know it was that old just by looking at it. Very clean and paint and leather are in great shape
Land Rover LR3 V6. Easily found within budget

It’s the same 4.0 V6 as the old Ford Ranger and Mustang, the drivetrain is stout so long as the fluids get changed and in the SE model there’s not too much in the way of electrics. Just make sure is got the 3rd row option. The one big worry is the air suspension, but Indy shops can help with that, and the compressor is actually pretty easy to DIY swap if that ever goes

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