Scubajet The worlds best power to weight ratio underwater scooter in the world! The second generation of the Scubajet was released at the end of 2019 and is set to be one of the most popular watersports toys for 2020 The worlds best dive scooter and yacht toy Made in Austria This incredible high tech engineerd product is designed and manufactured in Austria, it is made in high grade Aluminium. It is by far the most powerful underwater scooter in the world if taking into account power to weight ratio 200 Newton thrust Scubajet with 200 newton thrust and just 3,5 Kg weight Scubajet delivers 20Kg (200 Newtons) of thrust and weighs in at just 3,5Kg! So you can get an idea, it is the equivalent of using a Seabob F5S on the second of 6 speeds. Seabob weighs in at 35Kg. and is more than 7 times more expensive than the Scubajet The Scubajets autonomy with its smaller 200Kwh battery is just under 1 hour with a charge and double this with its 400Kwh battery Take Scubajet on the airplane! The lightest and most powerful (power to weight ratio) Seajets in the world As an option there is also the possibility to purchase *Fly batteries of 200Kwh and 400Kwh which are basically batteries that split into 3 parts which allow them to be legally taken onboard an airplane, which is great as you can take your Scubajet with you anywhere in the world on holiday! Scubajet is available in 3 different packages - Scubajet Pro Dive Pack: This package comes with a dual hand grip and has an LCD screen with all kind of information such as battery remaining time, depth, speed, etc. - Scubajet SUP Pack: This package comes with an adaptor which allows you to replace the center fin of a Paddlesurf board with the Scubajet and control the power with a wearable watch which connects to the Scubajet with Bluetooth signal. The speed of now “Electric Paddlesurf” is surprisingly fast and battery times are similar as when using the Scubajet under the water as an underwater scooter - Scubajet Pro Diving: This option is specially designed for divers so they can be pulled along holding the Scubajet with just one hand together with a leash that connects then to the dive jacket Scubajet accessories Aftermarket accessories are available to purchase so that users can have the possibility to use Scubajet as a toy for snorkeling, Diving and to turn a standard paddlesurf board into an electric surf board Scubajet is by far the most versatile watersports and yacht toy on the market Прокат підводних скутерів на Ібіці Найкращий і найпотужніший у світі морський скутер для підводного плавання Доступний для добової оренди на Ібіці, найуніверсальніший підводний морський скутер у світі! Ідеальний прокат іграшок для яхт і водних видів спорту на ринку. Ексклюзивно на Yacht Watersports ibiza.