= Education is business nowadays. (Long post ahead) =

It's really different from recent. The aim of schools isn't educating everyone but picking clever ones so they can get their school's name on banners. Earlier, schools used to give admissions to children easily. But nowadays they interview even for kindergarten admission. What's more weird is that they take interviews of parents also (You are required to speak English in most of the cases). It's not common here for everyone to speak English fluently. People from earlier times didn't get the choice to study as the country is still developing. Now that they decided to educate their children, they can't because of the lack of their education. Even if someone gets selected they take amount of fees which is equal to the monthly salary of an average man. The only children that get selected the ones who are already genius or rich. When those children will achieve something every institution will paste their photos on banners as they really taught them to lure parents in their trap.They will pursue parents through ads, posters, even spam calls now to give mainstream exams where the rate of acceptance is 0.2%. 1.5 million fighting for 70,000-90,000 seats. The remaining children will continue their study small institutions and won't study at all. Many parents turned their children into sheeps to run into race for a certain job so they can get jobs overseas ( American dream). The people with potential leave the country and the cycle continues . Some people are ready to give the exams for 10 times. By the time they become professional,they are already old

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