Thursday Morning thread presented by: Family Feud The worst game show

[1997] Noel's Telly Years - Noel Edmonds presents the nostalgia entertainment show that looks back on the television, fads and fashions of a year gone by with the aid of classic clips. Here, 1971 is under the spotlight, with Jim Bowen, Simon Williams and Tim Vine.

TIL. Physiologist Giles Brindley, in 1983 presented his treatment for erectile disfunction by injecting himself before his talk and dropping his pants to show the crowd of urologists.

Darkly humorous and yet seriously scary vintage video presented by renowned (@least in Britain) television presenter of stuff to do with motor-vehicles *Jeremy Clarkson* on the hazards of dodging level-crossing barriers.

[1987] Clive James on Television - Long-running late night ITV programme featuring amusing TV clips from around the world. The series popularised the Japanese show Endurance which followed numerous contestants as they underwent painful tasks. Presented by TV critic and journalist Clive James.

Family Feud (game show)

[1982] Family Fortunes - Game show based on the American game show Family Feud, presented by Bob Monkhouse.

[1980] Family Fortunes - ITV game show based on the American game show Family Feud. The game involves two families providing answers to 'everyday questions' that were surveyed by 100 members of the British public. Presented by Bob Monkhouse. First episode.

[1988] The Secret Life of Machines - Educational television series presented by Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod, in which the two explain the inner workings and history of common household and office machinery. This episode explores the Central Heating System.

3 doors are presented to you by me. There are 10 million dollars behind one door and 2 sheep behind the other two. If you were to pick door #1 and I open door #2 to show you there's a sheep behind it, do you keep your choice of door #1 or switch to door #3?

[1996] Telegantic Megavision - Children's series presented by Emma Lee and Dave Chapman. It went behind scenes of film and television productions (such as Babylon 5), and also showed inserted cartoons from the in-studio 'animation station'. There was also a game show called Slops. First episode.

And what have STEEN and Generico done of note since betraying Tiny and re-signing with the Fed, getting buried by a 50 year old retired wrestler at their 2 for 1 special show and feuding with a faction that has less 5 stars than M’Bucks? They should just relived their old indie gimmicks