r/oldbritishtelly - [1990] The Krypton Factor - ITV game show in which contestants from across the UK and Ireland competed in a series of rounds that tested their physical stamina and mental attributes. Presented by Gordon Burns with Derek Griffiths, Keith Chegwin, Matthew Kelly and Barry McGuigan. 1990 final.

r/oldbritishtelly - [1981] Punchlines - ITV game show hosted by Lennie Bennett. The show itself was based on a failed 1979 American game show pilot of the same name hosted by Bill Cullen for which in turn was a reboot of another American game show from 1966-69 called Eye Guess.

r/australiaLGBTIQnews - Alan Carr is single in Australia and is 'going to be such a slag'

r/8outof10cats - Alan Carr and Tom Allen bring some masculinity to the show

r/TheMaskedSingerUK - Joel on Strike It Lucky (Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow) with wife Hannah 💚

r/oldbritishtelly - [1980] Family Fortunes - ITV game show based on the American game show Family Feud. The game involves two families providing answers to 'everyday questions' that were surveyed by 100 members of the British public. Presented by Bob Monkhouse. First episode.

Tipping Point fans baffled as they spot ANOTHER format shake-up on ITV game show

r/oldbritishtelly - [1991] Jeopardy! - ITV game show based on the US version of the same name. Unlike in the U.S. version, contestants have points (instead of money) added or subtracted for responses (or lack of) to questions selected. Presented by Steve Jones.


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