r/tipofmytongue - [TOMT][MOVIE/TV SHOW][90s/2000s] Power Rangers-esque show where they had to find/keep these possibly dinosaur shaped coloured gems to put into holes in a circular wall/door.

r/AskDad - Dad, my daughter's TV mount fell out of the wall today. How do I even begin to repair these holes?

what plot hole in a movie, TV show, book etc still annoys you to this day?

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r/AskReddit - What's your favorite 4th wall break in a tv show or movie?

obstacle course

Wipeout (2008 game show) - Wikipedia

The Best Obstacle Course Competition Series Ever

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r/TVTooHigh - TV too high? Any suggestions on how to handle the speakers? I'm considering wall mounting the speakers (or building shelves, might be a nicer vibe) but need to make sure this TV height is okay before drilling holes everywhere

r/tipofmytongue - [TOMT] [Movie] [TV] A crime scene in a film/show where the detective sees a painting on the wall of a woman plotting to kill her husband. The painting depicts a woman with subtle details: bruised wrists to show signs of abuse, the fact that she’s chopping up poisonous mushrooms, etc

r/adultsnew - ok literally why has nobody made a zombie movie/tv show set in the ancient world like imagine commanders having their troops form shield walls to fave off against zombie hordes it'd be sick