what plot hole in a movie, TV show, book etc still annoys you to this day?

r/TheLeftovers - I have to say, Severance is filling the Leftovers live tv show group experience hole in my heart right now

r/tipofmytongue - [TOMT] Movie or tv show featuring an asian woman in a room with clear tarps on the wall as she stands covered in blood in front of two dead bodies while wearing a white shirt and a black(?) skirt

r/gardening - Some garden adventures today. Found a friendly toad 🐸 living in the rock wall where a fern showed up last year (get fat on slugs buddy!) Finished a succulent project (arm for scale...ish) using rescued sedum and a damaged copper bird bath. Holes drilled in bottom... Waiting for some pretty spillage

r/Dinosaurs - 4th wall Dinosaur TV show like The Office

r/malelivingspace - Recently moved into this lovely space, any ideas to fill it out a bit more? Also any suggestions for covering the hole's left in the wall by the previous tenants mounted TV?

r/HomeImprovement - Mounting a TV to the wall without putting holes in the wall?

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r/KanePixelsBackrooms - I think the crevasse in the wall in ‘Missing Persons’ may be similar to the pitfall in ‘Pitfalls’. Not only do the holes look similar, but we get a glimpse of a second floor of the Complex earlier in ‘Missing Persons’. This shows that the Complex spans both down and up.

Hole in the Wall (TV Series 2008–2009) - IMDb

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r/tipofmytongue - [TOMT] [TV SHOW] A kids show probably from the early 2000’s with two guys, a couch, a sock puppet, and a hole in their wall.