r/DIY - Can I use same holes to remount TV in cement wall?

r/askanelectrician - Don’t you have to open holes in the front wall in order to fish wires from the existing outlet to somewhere in the TV niche in order to install a new outlet? Will put stud and drywall to cover the niche. Outlets will be attached to stud.

r/oldbritishtelly - [1981] Blankety Blank - Comedy game show based on the Australian game show Blankety Blanks (which was in turn based on the American game show Match Game). Hosted by Terry Wogan with guests Sandra Dickinson, John Junkin, Spike Milligan, Arthur English, Beryl Reid and Dilys Watling.

Blankety Blank: Bradley Walsh show commissioned for BBC full series

Bradley Walsh set to return with a second series of Blankety Blank on BBC One

r/SomethingNotPolitical - Blankety Blank tipped for return to the BBC with Bradley Walsh a likely host

South Park Wheel Of Fortune

r/southpark - Hello everyone! I’m new here. My dad is a tough audience but I want to convert him to South Park. I only have one shot at this. What’s the best episode that catches the essence of South Park for someone who’s never seen it? I love Scott Tenorman Must Die. Thank you!

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson - Wikipedia

Wheel of Fortune

r/facepalm - On tonight's episode of Wheel of Fortune: 8 lost turns in a row, including 3 bad solves from the same player