r/okbuddychicanery - One is an absolutely pointless spinoff that added nothing to the original show, and the other is Slippin Jimmy

r/WOACB - Kj makes a pointless post re Robert Shinn. She shows her ignorance by referring to his last name as Shin when clearly he now uses Shinn. Kj confirms she is stalking him because she can't find change if name reminds for him. I think him and all the 7m dancers needs a protective order against her.

r/MemriTVmemes - Dear viewers, our cooking show today was clearly pointless

r/antiMLM - A message from my best friend who got sucked into Amway. I tried to show her the truth once, but I know it’s pointless investing any more effort.

r/doctorwho - Companion quiz on "Pointless" (game show)

r/pointless - I hereby demand this subreddit be re-purposed to show information on the British quiz show 'Pointless'.

r/NoJumper - the monday show is pointless.

r/Dinosaurs - Only Segment of Prehistoric Planet I did not like. The End of the Freshwater episode felt utterly pointless. What's your least favorite Segement of the Show and why?

r/2007scape - What pointless / inconsequential update do you really want in the game?