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Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley and other Republicans with a potential eye on 2024 gathered in Las Vegas at a moment of deep vulnerability for Donald Trump

By Shane Goldmacher
The surge of enthusiasm that lifted up Texas Democrats in 2018 did not resurface. At the same time, the party avoided a complete wipeout in South Texas

By J. David Goodman
The former president has shown Republicans that there is no penalty — and possibly a reward — from voters for spreading false claims and insulting political opponents

By Annie Karni
“Politically homeless is not politically hopeless.”
By Ross Douthat, Liel Leibovitz and Stephanie Slade
If Trump is inevitable, nobody told these Republican strivers

By Frank Bruni
Readers decry the united Republican opposition and “deal making behind closed doors.” Also: A new “axis ofnuclear dangers; an Idaho housing crisis

Preparing schools to repel and return gunfire isn’t a mature society’s response

By John McWhorter
What about the millions of us in the state who are not hard-right Republicans?
By Mimi Swartz
“In prayer, I find the answers I need or the strength I need.”
By Tish Harrison Warren
Guns are a central part of life in Uvalde, yet the deaths of 19 children and two teachers have opened rifts

By Jack Healy and Natalie Kitroeff