Reverie’s story begins with Norm Kiken, a CFO from New Jersey, who fell in love with wine and followed his passion to Napa Valley. In 1993, Norm settled down in the northernmost part of the valley, and in 1996, Reverie produced their first vintage of wine. On a visit to the property in 2002, Grant Long Jr. met Norm and, inspired by his passion, seized the opportunity to help Norm build his brand

After working with Norm for just under a decade and with Reverie thriving as a boutique winery, in true mentor style, Norm encouraged Grant to follow his vision of starting his own brand. Twenty years after the first vintage of Reverie was created, with Norm looking toward the next chapter of his life, what was once Norm’s dream was now a dream for another..

In 2017, the journey continued as Grant and his wife Megan purchased the historic winery estate that Reverie II now calls home. The 26-acre hillside estate, situated at the base of Howell Mountain, boasts sweeping views of vineyards and the Mayacama Mountains to the west

Following in the footsteps of Reverie, Reverie II continues to focus on single vineyard wines, producing three Bordeaux-style mountain wines that have long been the cornerstone of Reverie’s wine-making tradition, along with three unique grape varietals rarely found in Napa Valley

Due to our very limited production, our wines are highly allocated and sold through our mailing list only

The Collection Club is an individual bottle sampling of all six wines that we produce each year. As a member, you will receive a six-bottle allocation annually in both the spring and fall

The Estate Club focuses solely on our single vineyard Bordeaux-style wines: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Special Reserve. As a member, you will receive four bottles of each in both the spring and fall

Tucked away in its own little valley on the eastern hillside of St. Helenathe 26-acre Reverie II Estate

Visitation is limited and by appointment only

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